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Flower Pot 18 Medium - Pink

Flower Pot 18 Medium - Pink

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Aveva has created funky and clever flower pots made in 100% wool. The inside is coated in natural rubber to make it waterproof. They are fun, unique and colourful. A perfect treat for your home or a wonderful gift to a loved one who loves greenery. 

Flower Pot 18, 2018 was the year it was introduced to Aveva's range hence the number 18. This design is the plain colour design and the shape is round.

Why not combine this flower pot with Aveva's cotton macrame hangers. For these flower pots 18, the recommended size to be used with the hangers are medium or large.

Follow care instructions below to keep the natural rubber in shape. 

Care info:

  • Apply natural leather grease to the rubber. Repeat from time to time
  • Do not expose the rubber to sunlight
  • Do not wash or tumble dry
  • Do not keep excess water in the bottom for more than 2-3 days

Size: Depth/Height: 14 cm.
Please note as these are handmade size and colour may vary. 

Material: 100% wool and natural rubber
Made in Sweden/Nepal

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