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Midsommar - Bronte Aurell

Midsommar - Bronte Aurell

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Midsommar, a traditional Swedish Midsummer celebration is unbeatable! It is the most important celebration all year around, even more important that Christmas, it is the kick off to the summer holidays and it is when we all just slow down.  

Scandinavians do summer food so well, it is wholesome, flavoursome, simple to make and naturally beautiful to look at. In this amazing summer cookbook you will find insight to Scandinavian summer traditions such as Crayfish parties and of course our midsummer celebrations. Here you will find over 65 lovely and tasty recipes which perfectly capture the joy of summer eating. 

This is a wonderful treat and a perfect gift to the home chef and baker who like to explore new foods.

We are delighted to bring you this wonderful and very summery book by Scandikitchens' owner Bronte Aurell. Bronte has also created a whole set of wonderful baking, cooking and lifestyle books. Enjoy all her books for a proper Scandi experience , from Midsummer till Christmas.

Size: 23.5 x19 cm

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