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Moomin and the Golden Tail - Tove Jansson

Moomin and the Golden Tail - Tove Jansson

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One day Moomin notices that his tail is thinning. Worried that Snorkmaiden will no longer love him if his tail goes bald, he consults doctors, specialists and even gets an X-ray. Nothing helps! That is, until Moominmamma cooks up a magic potion that works like a charm, but now Moomin's lustrous new tail is, well, solid gold! Moomin becomes the toast of society, and the target of numerous journalists and money-making schemes. 

Moomin and the Golden Tail takes a long hard look at the consequences of fame and reminds us that nothing is more valuable than true friendship.

Pages: 56
Size: approx. 16.5 x 20 cm

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