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Deco Glass Ball - Pink

Deco Glass Ball - Pink

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Beautiful heat resistant glass decoration ball by Finnish Murrla. This is perfect as a tealight holder, why not fill it with colourful stones and a tealight, real or a battery led. Or why not add a sweet fairy light or indeed a dripping plant. Love a hanging plant.

Create a cosy corner in your home where you hang a few of these, or in your curtain rale (for you who don't close curtains). Use one colour or mix and match. This Pink goes beautifully with the blue, green and creates a very lovely bright colour combination. But also very well with the grey. 

Material: Glass
Colour: Pink
Size: 12 cm

Muurla is a design led brand with roots in the Finnish glass manufacturing. Their products are created with everyday life in mind for functionality and to bring joy with beautiful designs as well as easy to use and durable. Their designs are born by combining Finnish design, high-quality materials and over forty decades of experience in production.  They have expanded their production from glass to enamel and Finnish plywood. The most recognised Scandinavian design traits, timelessness and simplicity, together with inspiration drawn from the pure Nordic nature, act as guiding principles in their design process. Muurla strive to keep the production of all their products as close to Finland as possible. This is to ensure that all production phases meet their quality standards. 

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