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Emil Blue Enamel Mug

Emil Blue Enamel Mug

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I am so happy to introduce the fantastic Emil i Lönneberga enamel mugs by Finnish Muurla. Their enamelware is handmade and therefore unique. This is a lightweight and perfect for everyday use both indoors and outdoor. 

Emil was created by one of Swedens most beloved authors Astrid Lindgren. Emil is a fun and harmless child but his ideas often gets him in to trouble and his dads lock in in one of the outhouses to think over what he has done . I grew up with Emil and I absolutely love all the characters and I love to read these books for my own daughters.  

This is such a sweet treat and indeed a fantastic gift. Here we have Emil on a soft blue background.

Size: 2.5 dl
Dishwasher safe
Do NOT put in microwave oven
Material: Carbon Steel core, double coating enamel 

Please note that enamel is a glass-like material and it can break if subjected to a hard hit.

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