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Emil Family Enamel Mug

Emil Family Enamel Mug

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I am so happy to introduce the fantastic Emil i Lönneberga enamel mugs by Finnish Muurla. Their enamelware is handmade and therefore unique. This is a lightweight and perfect for everyday use both indoors and outdoor. 

Emil was created by one of Swedens most beloved authors Astrid Lindgren. Emil is a fun and harmless child but his ideas often gets him in to trouble and his dads lock in in one of the outhouses to think over what he has done . I grew up with Emil and I absolutely love all the characters and I love to read these books for my own daughters. 

This is the family design and we have Emil, his little sister Ida (who Emil ones hoisted up the flagpole to check if the guests were on their way), Mum, Dad, Krösamaja, Alfred the farm helper and Lina the maid. Emil and his family lives on a traditional Swedish farm. 

This is such a sweet treat and indeed a fantastic gift. 

Size: 2.5 dl
Dishwasher safe
Do NOT put in microwave oven
Material: Carbon Steel core, double coating enamel 

Please note that enamel is a glass-like material and it can break if subjected to a hard hit.

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