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Flower Field - Chopping and Serving Board

Flower Field - Chopping and Serving Board

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Beautiful and elegant handmade design! This chopping board is also a lovely serving board and perfect for everyday use as well for wowing the guest at a party. Enjoy for any kind of foody bits such as bread, fruit, cheese, meats etc...

When not in use why not hang it on the wall as a feature in your kitchen. This warm and welcoming Flower Field design teams up beautifully with the Dawn and Dahlia designs.

Material: Made in Finland by Finnish Birch Wood.
Size: 15 x 44 cm.
Dishwasher Safe

Muurla is a design led brand with roots in the Finnish glass manufacturing. Their products are created with everyday life in mind, functionality and to bring joy with beautiful designs. The designs are easy to use and durable.

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