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Scandi Bites - Trine Hahnemann

Scandi Bites - Trine Hahnemann

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This is the perfect little gift for Scandi fans who want to bring some Nordic charm into their kitchen. Try making your own delicious cardamom buns for breakfast, honey bombs for Christmas, smoked salmon open sandwiches for lunch, or delicate raspberry eclairs for a family birthday.

Enjoy 60 new recipes both sweet and savoury, snacks, treats, finger food, bakes and pastries. Full of Scandinavian inspiration for any occasion and celebration. Enjoy tasty cardamom buns, almond cookies, open sandwiches and much more. 

Trine Hahnemann. is an expert on and ambassador for modern Scandinavian food and she cooks, writes and lectures on the subject around the world. She is an enthusiastic advocate for sustainable solutions, organic sourcing and food cooked with love. Trine has written ten cookbooks in her native Danish and eight in English, including the recent Copenhagen Food. In 2018, she opened Hahnemanns Kokken, a bakery, coffee bar, pastry shop, food store, cookery school and event space in Copenhagen.

Size: 18 x 16 cm
Pages: 144

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