Aveva Design WoW Hooks

A simple, stylish and very Scandi design for your walls

Hej, Hejsan, Hallå
Let me show you one of the most beautiful and useful design we stock at the moment, and affordable as well! 
Swedish Aveva Design has created a very useful wall hanger, simple and easy to use and best of all you can really create a feature wall in a stylish way. 
Aveva Design WoW Hangers
These hangers are called WoW, as they are made of Wool and Wood. You can stick to one colour, either a brighter or just a calm colour depending on the rest of the room. Or if you like me, like to mix and match, then go for it, I have five colours available online. They come in a small recyclable cardboard box, and is designed so that you screw one screw into the wall and then attached the hanger to that screw, it is all very simple and you get a little instruction as well. 
Aveva Design WoW Hangers
I have a whole set of these on one of my doors in the hallway, it is supposed to be for only the girls school bags and jackets but my jacket fits perfect here too so yup we all use them. 
Aveva Design WoW Hooks
What would you hang on your hangers? 
And would you go for a mixture of colours our neutrals? Oh so many options, I just love how these wall hangers can really create a feature wall! 
Aveva Design WoW Hooks
I love how they have added a few colour garlands and children's' bags here. Stylish yet happy and so welcoming. Or like below, a little pet corner!
Aveva Design WoW Hooks
At the Scotland's Trade Fair in March I wanted to use the hangers to display Aveva Designs' wool posters as the posters have colours in them that match perfectly for the hooks and I really love that, sadly those walls were made of some flimsy kind of paper and that did not work but next time for sure!
Aveva Design Wool PosterSomething simple as just a small wall hanger can really make such a different to a plan area, bathroom mirror, a happy print. Use the walls in your home, add colour, add designs that makes you smile. 
Head online to explore all our Swedish Aveva Design wool, wood and cork design. It certainly is a beautiful brand and I am so pleased to be their stockist.
Charlotte xx
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