Välkommen - Welcome to Spektakulär online

About Us

Välkommen! Which is welcome in Swedish! 

Hej! Hejsan! Hallå!

We are delighted you found us, maybe you stood on the doorstep ten years ago when we open the doors to our tiny shop here in Edinburgh or perhaps was introduced by a friend or family member or just looked for something online and oh hello here we are... It is amazing how we find small independent shops and getting to know them (us). We are small and we do have a little story and by shopping at an independent store you become part of our story! So we are delighted to welcome you to our very own story! 


So who are we? 


Spektakulär was founded by Charlotte (the Swedish lady) and Richard (the British (was going to write chap here but he is more like a chilled man)) in 2010. Our story started in 2009 when we had an empty shop next to our home and as we both come with retail backgrounds, plus after endless of suitcases being dragged from Sweden every time we went home, we thought it is time for us to open our very own Scandi home, interior and gift shop. However while on the hunt for the perfect shop, the perfect designs and all the behind-the-scene-work we also became pregnant. But after a lot of hard yet happy work Spektakulär open it's door in September 2010 and our fist daughter was born in October 2010. Then our second daughter joined us in 2013. 

Meet the team:


The boss lady they call me! I was born in Sweden and left to spend a year in London in 2005. Then love struck and the rest is history. I have experience in retail and sales. Studied property economics at Uni but never worked with it, however I do use my love for properties when planning interior projects. At the moment I am about to take part in a interior design course and hoping to move the business in a new direction offering Interior Design a la Spektakulär style. When I am not working I am spending time with the little ladies, knitting, baking, reading or exploring Scotland. 


The IT man who fixes everything in the background. If the computer breaks...Richard will fix! Richard spent 15 years working for Fopp, from buyer to store manager and I do think he really miss all the music and gigs. However he also loves staring at a screen and solving impossible codes. He is our very own computer detective. And it is also very handy that he seem to like bookkeeping!


Lovely Ruth, who has been a part of the Spektakulär family for more than seven years. Ruth is super talented with a pen and creates the most amazing window drawings and before they were banned in Edinburgh, the A-boards. When not busy at the shop she is busy with a scalpel! Ruth runs her very own paper cutting business. She hosts workshops and do commissions. At the moment she is making beautiful cut outs for the 100 day project. Check her out at www.ellieandtherubster.co.uk


Beautiful Anna, she used to be a customer in the shop and then I just asked her to stay. Super talented with creating beautiful window displays and making the shop look lovely and welcoming. At the moment she busy on maternity leave with her baby boy.


Gorgeous Emma, the lady who loves a good chat and her goal in life is to make you smile, and it is impossible not to when you are in her company. She loves people and is excellent at treating customers with the best service you could ask for. When not in the shop she is busy with her twin girls, their puppy and you will most likely see her with a camera around her neck. https://www.instagram.com/emmakburnettphotography/



I did not realise someone could love selling, like it is a call, until I met Cordula. She loves selling and she loves the shop. When not in the shop she is busy with her own illustrations and I believe she is writing a book during lockdown. http://cordulamarksventers.com/ Like Ruth she is also taking part in the 100 day project. 

I am so grateful to be surrounded by such a talented bunch, and we are a lovely little team who really enjoy working together. It is easy being the boss lady when you have amazing people to be the boss for. I can not wait until we can all be reunited after this lockdown for a glass of wine and a good chat.