About Us - Who are Spektakulär?

Välkommen! Which is welcome in Swedish! 

Hej! Hejsan! Hallå!

We are delighted you found us, maybe you stood on the doorstep almost thirteen years ago when we open the doors to our tiny shop here in Edinburgh, or perhaps were introduced by a friend or family member or just looked for something online, and oh hello here we are... It is amazing how we find small independent shops and get to know them (us). We are small and we do have a little story and by shopping at an independent store you become part of our story! So we are delighted to welcome you to our very own story! 

Who are we? 


Spektakulär was founded by me, Charlotte (the Swedish lady) and Richard (the British (was going to write chap here but he is more like a very chilled man) in 2010. Our story started in 2009 when we had an empty shop next to our home and as we both come from retail backgrounds, plus after endless suitcases being dragged from Sweden every time we went home, we thought it is time for us to open our very own Scandi home, interior and gift shop.

However while on the hunt for the perfect shop, the perfect designs and all the behind-the-scene work we also became pregnant. After a lot of hard yet happy work, Spektakulär open its door in September 2010 and our fist daughter was born in October 2010. Then our second daughter joined us in 2013. 

For a few years, we also ran the lovely Lilla shop. Lilla means Little in Swedish so it was our Lilla Spektakulär, our beloved children's shop. We closed Lilla in 2019 but we kept our favourite brands such as Rice and Maileg. 

During the first lockdown in 2020 we finally decided to launch our webshop.

February 2021 we closed our last brick-and-mortar shop on Colinton Road in Edinburgh, and are now 100% online. It is a completely new adventure for us and we are excited to develop our business online. 

Thank you for taking part and joining our story. 

Charlotte x