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Alternative countdown calendar idea.

Hej, how are you doing, it has been a few fast weeks for me, but it has been great to be out in the public and working again. I love a busy shop floor and fair. The days are over in a blink of an eye and the body aches, but good aching!
So we are getting closer to December and it is time to properly count down to Christmas. Our Advent stars and candle bridges are up, high cosy factors in the mornings and evenings when they are lit and it is so welcoming to see all the Christmas trees appearing around us. Yesterday I drove through an area here in Edinburgh that has gone for it. Lights are everywhere and it is so uplifting in dark times. 
Anyway back to the calendar, the pressure to buy a chocolate one is high so I enjoy seeing more and more of the old-style calendars without chocolate popping up everywhere, huge disappointment for the kids, but I am sure some dentists are happy! 
I find the pressure of buying random crap for a homemade calendar tiring. It is, however, so so lovely to have that little countdown to Christmas. And I love my wall-hanging countdown calendar but for some years now I have not had the energy to fill it up so left it in the box.
So when I remembered that my dad's wife suggested activities to do together instead of sweets and toys I felt so much more relaxed. And I love this! I have added notes with "Christmas Movie night", "Gingerbread making", "Christmas sweets making", "Christmas card writing day", "Craft Day", "Dress the tree day" and my personal favourite "Christmas house clean" I seem to be alone in loving that one. Funny that!
It makes us prepare for Christmas together and yes I do move the notes around before the girls open them because some days I have no energy to bake or to sit down and do crafts and those days there will be a sweet or a note saying it's a big old hug day! I try to make it easy for myself, and I think we all should as it is so much going on around us in December.
So if you feel guilty for feeding your kids chocolate every day, why not add a few family activities to do together?
Have a fantastic last day of November, I got my first S1 parent night and as the high school is huge I need to dig out my activewear and running shoes and prepare myself for a night of orienteering at high school, now that would be a good TV show. Parents getting lost at a high school in "Against the clock". 
Hopefully, I will turn up at the right time, right room, and right teacher and take in what they say about my child. 
But first, my dad arrives tomorrow, first time since the lockdown so time to clean the house. I got all the fun jobs to do today! Audiobook and cosy clothes time it is. Have a great one!
Charlotte x
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