Moomin enamel mug featuring a hug.

Amazing Moomin by Muurla

Hej, Hejsan, Hallå

Oh Moomin love, and Finnish Muurla has the most amazing and lovely Moomin designs and ever better news. We have had a fabulous delivery with beautiful Moomin enamel mugs which are perfect for camping, hot drink, cold drinks, soups, ice cream, flower pot, pen holder or why not an alternative Easter egg? 

Not only enamel mugs but beautiful Moomin glass bottles and Moomin storage baskets. Muurla also creates amazing glassware such as the stunning deco baubles which we have in five different colours.

And of course I ordered more of their stunning Nordic collection. The Nordic collection is design with some of the most iconic Nordic and Scandinavian wildlife in mind. 

Muurla is one of those brands which a pure joy to work with and every delivery is pure happiness and I am never disappointed. 

So go on, please do head over to the webshop and explore all the beautiful Muurla designs we now have available online.  



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