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Autumn update

Hej, Hejsan, Hallå
Oh it has been too long since I blogged, these last few months has been just a blur and sadly the blog has been neglected. Always the thing that ends up on the bottom of the list.
How are you all doing? I am catching up on life with a little holiday breather and as the weather is rubbish and my family do not follow the whole "no such thing as bad weather" approach, so we are chilling in our cosy cottage and I have managed to catch up with quite a lot of computer work. 
So far I have prepared a lot for the webshop, which means we are quite close to launch the Christmas online shop. I still have well over 100 of products to write descriptions for and get up live but they will all have a home to go to and they should be easy to find once I put them live. Oh I do miss the whole brick & mortar thing, when a delivery comes in I check it, price it, book it in to our system and then it's play time, and we can create lovely displays. It does not work like that with an online shop. But I am getting the hang of it. 
This year I had to let go of a lot of brands we would normally stock in the shop but I am confident that I have found fantastic replacements and lots of them are on their way but as you might be aware there are some issues in the UK at the moment, as long as it turns up before the end of November I am happy but please, if you see something you like now then buy it now as I am not sure I can get more in. 
POP-UP shop is next on our agenda, this coming Friday and Saturday at Morningside United Church in Holy Corner. There should be a banner in the post and there is bunting on its way, I will spend most day Wednesday and Thursday preparing for it. This will be our closing down/clearance sale. If I can fit Christmas in the car then we will get some Christmas too! Hard work but I can not tell you how excited I am to see some of you again! 
Then it is my new adventure job as well, I have  just taken on two new brands which I am now the UK agent for. Two brands I have sold so well in my own shop during the years. I am so chuffed to be the agent for Aveva and Firefly Reflectors
Oh right, family is calling, we are heading to Crieff for a wonder and then to a farmshop nearby for lunch (I could pack lunch but hey why not enjoy our local area instead, anything to make life easy). 
Have a magical week and hopefully I will write another blog soon again, if you are in Edinburgh on Friday or Saturday please do come and see us at Holy Corner, the church next to the bookshop, bring your shopping bags! Richard and I will be there 11.00 - 16.00 both days.
Charlotte xx

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