Back to School, back to some kind of normality!

Back to School, back to some kind of normality!

Oh after many many months of the girls being at home they are finally back to school, and today even though only half day, all the kids are back at school. I think they will be super tired and with this grey weather I think a sofa day is acceptable. It has been quite difficult for them to get their heads about how, what and not to do at school but hopefully after a couple of weeks they will get the hang of it. Same as for us parents. On Wednesday once I sent Lovisa in to her classroom I caught myself from trying to hang around a little and wave...nope I can not do that! No lingering... keep moving! She is fine and she loves school and her friends, so I really should not be worried but there are some odd feelings going on.

Anyhow!!! The girls are finally back at school, I am back at the shop (part time since early July) and Richard has managed to get himself comfortable working from home. I think we are finding a new daily routine. I will keep these part time opening hours this and next week and then the following week we are excited to finally start bringing back the lovely Spektakulär team ladies. First will be our ace Ruth who will take on Fridays so I can open the shop on Tuesdays as well. We will keep Mondays and Sundays closed for a little bit longer. I need to try to develop the online shop more so I will do that on Mondays and then Sundays will be our family day. But if everything continue to go the way it is going at the moment, I am feeling confident that we can reopen longer days and back to full time during September. So all good news! 

Now a few more deliveries has arrived such as soft baby toys and a large Rice delivery from Denmark filled with happy melamine cups and bowls plus lots more fun such as this lovely Swan coin purse/wallet. 

Pop in and say hi if you are in the area. 

Also I need to work out how to answer comments on this blog. Sorry if I have not answered, it is basically because I do not know how, however I will work it out and come back to you. 

So all in all some positive news of us getting back to normal opening hours at our little shop. However please remember you can always shop online and if there is anything you know we stock but has not seen online just give me a shout and I will sort it asap. 

Have a wonderful weekend
Charlotte x


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