Christmas Tiredness, is that a thing?

Christmas Tiredness, is that a thing?

Good Evening, whatever day this is

I am so tired, so tired I am not even sure where to start. So tired I can not even be bothered to turn the TV on, to read (the book is too heavy to hold). To concentrate on listening to an audiobook, to go outside, to tidy the house, to cook dinner, to be fun. I look at social media and see the people who take the opportunity to clear their wardrobes, do their 2023 budget, play all the games with the kids, and call family, socialise... I envy you because all I want to do is stay in bed and don't speak to anyone. But then, my bed gets uncomfortable and I just want to do something. I get restless but I do not find the energy or lust to do anything.

I did read somewhere that this can be called, as you close down and relax (you are finally allowed to relax), Christmas tiredness!

I am suddenly allowed to lie on the sofa, eat all the snacks, and do nothing. NOTHING is hard to do, I can 100% tell you that doing nothing is not good for me!  And now I struggle to get out of this tiredness! Tomorrow I have to go for a fast walk! I need to wake up, as I have emails to answer, I have online things to do, I have books to read, games to win, and roads to run, laughing with my family to do.

Have I relaxed so much that I feel sorry for myself? This is terrible! Does anyone else feel like this? That you have relaxed so much you shut down and stopped functioning? How did you get out of it? 

I think it is time for lists and more lists. I am a keen list maker and I love bullet lists, I know it is not for everyone but my head feels so much more organised and clear once I have my lists so I think it is time to get started on my lists. 

However, even though I feel slightly lost to the world at the moment, it is kind of nice, to be able to let myself be this tired and to let myself relax this much. 

I enjoy our time on the sofa, we have done our Christmas 1000 pieces jigsaw (it will be sent back to the charity shop asap as it was blooming hard and we won't do it again). We watched films together, and just chilled on the sofa with our books. I burnt a lot of candles, and enjoyed a lot of mulled wine! 

Tomorrow is a new day, a day to go for a walk, to tidy one maybe two shelves, and not the whole house. And I think tomorrow will be a good day to start making some lists, maybe a list for which lists to make. Is it time to snap out of the Christmas tiredness and prepare for 2023? Yes, I think so! 

Charlotte x

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