Daily development and reopening the physical shop!

Hej, Hejsan, Hallå!!

Oh that feeling when we decided to go live was pretty awesome! Crazy, scary and at the same time, a huge amount of relief! Oh this has been hard work, learning how to read html codes, sorting the images and fixing the sizes and uploading, writing descriptions, doing stock takes because sadly the stock in the shop did not add up to the stock that was on our POS system...bla bla bla! Normally I would have gone, nah lets look at this another day. But you know what, I actually am super pleased with our new webshop! It took us ten years to finally get it done and I think we have done a pretty good job! I am very very pleased, so pleased in fact that I have only added two more things on since we launched it because I am exhausted and needed a holiday from it! 

But now I am coming back from my holiday (watching netflix), and my mission is to learn how to market the webshop. Even if it is online it does not mean everyone knows it is there and even if people have a look at it, it does not mean we actually sell anything. I am reading lots of tips and ideas and some I think will be easy and some not so easy... oh well, we live ad we learn!

However!! I have not only being watching netflix, I have also prepared the shop to reopen again! Yes I am allowed to open again, but it is with worries mixed with excitement, which is not a good combo. But last night it looked really good and clean! We are just waiting for the screen, but I do wear a mask so we should be ok. 

Looking forward seeing you in the shop on Thursday but please remember to shop online and you can click and collect from the shop as well. 

Charlotte x


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