Gift Ideas - What is it you are looking for?

Gift Ideas - What is it you are looking for?

Hej, Hejsan, Hallå!

How are we all doing? Stuck at home this Easter Holidays, yet again! But it looks like we are going the right direction and the Spring air do bring hope! This holiday has been very odd, we are so lazy, trying to organise the girls room but they rather watch paint dry than do that. And to be honest me too. Heading out in the sun is on our to do list today, basically the only thing! Get dressed and go outside!!


I am trying to tidy the up the landing page on the website, as I want it to be clear, clean and fun. It needs to be easy to use so this morning I have started to look at the gifts section and I just wanted to ask you, when you shop online and are looking for gifts. What is important to you? Gifts for her, him, baby, or is it for occasions, or for the home? Or is a price range important? Is it how popular the design is? So price, recipient, occasion, popularity, interest? 

Do let me know please, and I will tag designs to go in their right sections. This will make life so much easier for everyone as we do sell a lot of gifts and like the webshop to be easy to use. 

So just comment or send me a little message. I really appreciate your time and comments.

Thank you 
Charlotte xx

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