Autumn in Sweden

October break, got a lot done in just a few days

Hej, Hejsan, Hallå!

As most of you know, English is my second language and the term going home for the holidays is one I associate with Christmas holidays so it is correct to use it for October break too?  

Which is what we did, we packed our bags and headed to Sweden for a long weekend! I am from the Gothenburg area, from a small cobble stone town called Alingsås, known to be the "potato city" but now I think they are more known as the Fika town. Potato city as the person who brought potato into Sweden lived there yes there is a statue on the town square of the man himself, Jonas Alströmer. 

Alingsås is a beautiful small town with a welcoming city centre. Lovely independent shops and café after café hence the new(ish) nickname of Fika town. If you want to you can go for guided Fika tours. What is Fika you are wondering. It is the Swedish concept of a short break, which mostly includes Coffee and something tasty to go with the coffee. Swedes used to be number one or two on the coffee consumption list but I just noticed we have been knocked down to number six... what the heck!

Fika in Alingsås

Of course we enjoyed some cakes, cream seemed to have been on the girls mind as they picked Budapest and Princess cake. So so good!

It had been frost a few nights before we came over so the leaves were falling and the colours was amazing, coming back here I think we are a couple of weeks behind here as my neighbours birch tree is still quite green, we get to experience this vibrant season twice! 

I took the girls to the local swimming pool, we went to visit my grandmother who is 89. And we also spent an afternoon at my younger sisters flat in Gothenburg for her birthday celebrations so managed to see my older sister, two of my brothers (yes I have many many siblings) and two of the girls cousins. The brand new baby cousin was born while we were on the flight over so did not managed to meet him yet as he is a week today. Next time for sure!

And we ended our holiday with a walk around Lights in Alingsås, it was great and very busy even if the weather was rubbish. Proper Autumn wet and dark! This years event was not as big as it normally is but hey we all know why some of these kind of events are not back to normal yet. I bet next year will be fantastic.

Barnens Lights - Chrildrens' Lights

This section of the walk was for the kids and they had built welcoming houses in the trees, warmly lit up and it looked fab in the dark. 

Of course people wore reflectors, it is so good to see. Even grown ups, the only ones I noticed not wearing any was youths (and now when I am 40 + I am allowed to tut ;) ).
I borrowed my mums jacket, she got it for walking the dogs but use it all the time and I noticed a lot of people wearing these kinds of jackets. It kind of make sense to be seen in the dark. See, I am just a blur of light. Lovisa has a reflector on her jacket arm and one on her leg. Only freaky thing was when I was driving and wearing it, it reflected of the streetlight and the side window was kind of lit up under every streetlight, so learnt quickly not to wear it while driving. 

It was intense to be back, we managed to fit a lot in and yet had some time to chill. Even made a pumpkin for mums steps and enjoyed pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin seeds (something I never do when we do our Halloween pumpkins). 

It looks pretty good on their step!

Halloween Pumpkin on the steps

Now we are back to routine life but wow late flights with delays and taxi faff in the middle of the night drained us a bit, so am glad we had a extra day off yesterday. It was tricky to get up this morning, heard Stina up and when I looked at the clock I was hoping it would be 4 am so I could go back to sleep, but not 06.20... time to get up! 

Busy day ahead, I have connect planning for a couple of hours, then a webinar and then a few phone calls to make, tonight I signed up for a networking event, I never do these events. I like the idea of them but putting on my shoes after 8 pm has become a struggle. The sofa is calling!

Have a lovely day 

Charlotte x

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