Hooray a new book delivery.

Hooray a new book delivery.

Hej, Hejsan, Hallå!

Yay, a wonderful new book delivery! Only half arrived but hey it was still fantastic! We love deliveries and we love books so this obviously was amazing. Right what kind of books would you expect to find here at Spektakulär? I try to find the best and most amazingly Scandi and Nordic treats.

I have created a new book section for you online, under A-Z are the books and here I have organised them into Lifestyle, Food & Drink, Children's and Moomin have their own section...of course!

Writing descriptions has taken me some time and the reason for that is that I kind of had to read them a little bit before I added them online. Some of these books I just want to keep to myself, the new Midsommar book by Bronte Aurell looks absolutely fantastic. As a Swede, Midsummer is the most important holiday and it kicks off the summer holidays which include the most beautiful food. I really miss Swedish summers, especially since we did not go home last summer nor planning to go home this summer either. You always associate food with places and countries. And Scandinavia creates amazing summer food, that is for sure. 

Head over to the webshop and browse all our books

Hopefully you will find the perfect treat for yourself, you know a lovely baking book for a raining day or a nice lifestyle book for a lazy day in the garden. We have amazing children's books by the fantastic Swedish illustrator Ingela P Arrhenius and adorable Moomin comics, story books and even a Moomin jigsaw. 

Hopefully you will find your next treat, or perhaps your next gift, please do remember I can easily gift wrap, just add a note before you checkout when ordering and yes I can post direct to the receiver.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day, my girls are finally back at school and today I am starting to work my way through my HUGE to do list. 

Charlotte xx

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