Spring fresh!

Spring fresh!


What a great start to the week. Both kids are now back at school, we started the morning with tears and anxiety but once arriving at school, friends were spotted, teachers were outside greeting all the students and loud happy music was playing. The girls almost danced in through the gates. And it is sunny, I also managed to get the first couch to 5K run done and I did not pass out... It truly was a great morning! 

Anyway how are you? 

So I am now back at my little office at home (the girls bedroom) and I am working my way through a whole load of new designs to go online. I am also going though the landing page and making a lot of notes, one might say too many but hey it is great to feel productive. Might as well enjoy it while it last (another ten minutes or so).

Now the little bit less fun part, sadly I have had so many people telling me that they did not know the webshop was live already and they are also telling me they will come and visit the shop soon once we are allowed to open again. So I clearly need to try to reach out a bit more and let people know we are here online now and the shop is no longer there. Any marketing experts out there who feel like the are happy to share a few top tips, well feel free, go for it! 

Ok, Spring, Easter and what else to look forward too? Happiness and sunny weather I hope, more restrictions being lifted and more walks with smiling friends. So today I like to focus a little on a beautiful happy brand and this product in particular. When the Spring sun starts to show is beautiful face we often feel it is time for a Spring clean at home, the windows are almost impossible to see through and suddenly you spot odd marks on the walls and dust...where the actual heck did all that dust come from?! 

So my top tip for a super easy product to use is obviously the Jangneus dishcloths. So easy to use, just warm water (any kind of cleaning products you prefer) and then wipe down surfaces, the marks on the walls and even the windows. I love Jangneus. Swedish Marie and her son John are based in Oxfordshire and after many years of missing the Swedish dishcloths she made her own and created a super business. These are super trendy in Sweden, a fun little housewarming gift and together with a tea towel a super little treat for your kitchen. The dishcloths can be washed over and over again in the washing machine but when you think they look too sad well just pop them on your compost as they are biodegradable. Clever, I know! Jangnues creates great quality and fun dishcloths for you, a more enjoyable way to brighten up that boring task of cleaning the kitchen after every meal. 

Head over to the webshop and check out what we have in store just now, I have also left a few at Morningside Post Office so if you happen to walk by, in you pop and treat yourself! 

Have a fab Monday
Charlotte xx

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