Hooray NEW delivery and this one is filled with beautiful cushions.

Hooray NEW delivery and this one is filled with beautiful cushions.


Oh yes we have had a wonderful delivery with stunning new cushion covers from Sweden. And this time the collection is all about calm and nature. All to create a soft mood at home. Spira of Sweden have been working with lovely colours this season such as : honey, green, brown and a stunning light smoked blue (which is very close to a light grey). The result is amazing and the Renfana design reminds me so much of my summers spent at my grandparents summer house as a child. 

Three new designs, Renfana, Randi and Loop, all that works fab together or with previous collections. Spira is all about mixing and matching and to make each collection work wonderfully together with previous collections. So if you already have  a stunning for example Ang in blue it will work amazing with Loop in honey. 

Not only have they introduced new designs they have also added new friends to their fantastic friends collection. Here we are delighted to welcome, Stella, David and Bodil

The friends collection is so much fun and I know you love them too, especially if you find one that really reminds of a great friends or family member. 

And finally, have you seen we have a cushion clearance sale at the moment, these are all amazing and lovely end of line cushion covers that I have dropped the prices on, you can really grab a bargain now. 

So time to treat yourself, cushions is such an affordable way to introduce calm to a busy room or add lots of colours to spice it up. Enjoy.

Charlotte x

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