I have been told that as we are a Scandi shop, we are too expensive...

I have been told that as we are a Scandi shop, we are too expensive...

Hmm, this one is not true, but I kind of get the idea behind it and why some might think that this is true. I think it is the same that some think a small independent shop is more expensive than a main stream shop. 

When I am home in Sweden, I am surrounded by amazing designs and they are affordable. Yes of course you get all the fancy big boy brands and yes I like to have a mixture of designs in my home. Personally I love a vintage chair (found in a second hand shop), a lamp from IKEA and perhaps that fancy design to spice it up. A home is what you make it, so I suggest you go for what you love and not for a brand or a price ticket or a trend!

Anyway, I lost track in the first sentence, must be some kind of record. So let's get back to the idea, that as we are a Scandi/Nordic shop we are too expensive. No we are not, I decided quickly that you should be able to afford shopping a nice design from us, it should not hurt your purse nor you head. I am aware that some Scandi shops in the UK carry the big Scandi brands and yes they can be expensive. 

But there are so many brands, not just the big brands which I personally think can be overpriced, but so many fantastic small brands (small makers) that can make an impact but at a fair price. I do not want us to be a pricey shop, I want you to feel like you have come to the right place where you can find a perfect gift at a good price. I have spent some time lately sorting our gift section and did you know we have a gifts under £20 section. And when I was going through our website I realised that 2/3 of our designs online are under £20. So do you think we are too expensive?

Take a look and then head online to our Gifts under £20 section, maybe you will find the perfect gift for a friend today.

 Charlotte x

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