It is delivery time...

It is delivery time...

Hej, hallå!

Every year in the brick and mortar shop we were scratching our heads where to find space to display all the new designs that came daily. This time of the year is the most important one for retailers. This is the time we have a chance to grow or recover from a bad year, and it is also the best time for shoppers as the shops are jammed packed with amazing designs. 

However this is the first year without a brick and mortar shop and I am being so careful what to order and how much to order as we do not have the same kind of sales online as in the shop. I also aim for light postable designs however yesterday while unpacking Moomin candles, blimey those big candles are something else! You will see once I get them online (they are stunning and large).

And this year we have no backshop or stockroom, yes we have a warehouse which thank goodness you helped me make some space there by visiting the pop-up shop. So every delivery ends up in our dinning room, hallway and front room. Now did I tell you we live in a flat, well it is a big traditional flat but the lack of storage is frustrating. However it is also so much fun to unpack and see all the new designs and it seems like we are all kind of used to live with it.

This Halloween weekend we are working really hard to get everything online and so far so good, I have uploaded two new deliveries and I have two to go. Richard is working in the background trying to make the webshop nicer and easier to navigate and I must not forget to make sure I tag each product with the right tags so it ends up at the right place. 

But before I crack on with todays task I shall start with pumpkin carving and Stina wanted to make some Halloween cookies...fine by me, we just had a great delivery with the amazing Swedish Dishcloths so it is both easy and enjoyable to clean up afterwards.

Have a wonderful Halloween weekend and I shall hopefully get everything online very soon. 

Charlotte xx

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