New look and Christmas top ups

New look and Christmas top ups


We finally pressed the button and upgraded the website. It might not look so different but I can tell you that we have changed so much in the back ground and building a webshop certainly is not that straight forward. Especially not for someone who rather spend their time in a physical shop that behind a screen. 

However, we have finally launched the new site and we are fixing a lot of small things in the back ground which I hope you will notice (hopefully). I have added FAQ, I have also updated the About us section and so on. Next is to update all the gift sections and our A to Z. I am still updating the main navigation so every time you visit us it will look different. I hope you like it, I really do. We felt it was about time to upgrade. 

And yes Christmas is also updated, we have 100s of amazing Scandi designs, all from the Swedish Tomtar to advent candle holders. I have been asked why we do not have our stars anymore. I will be honest and let you know that it has been a tricky year so I had to choose what to stock and had to be super picky and sadly the cost of the shipping was as big as two small orders for two other brands. I could not justify it. But I am noticing how the Scandi stars are popping up everywhere which is great news, hopefully next year it will be much easier for us to find a better alternative. 

I hope you are all super, this week I am working as much as I can on the website and then from Friday to Sunday I will be working in Glasgow at the Countryliving Christmas Fair which I am really looking forward to. No I will not be with Spektakulär but I will be with my amazing friends Liselotte and Tina and we are at the Swedish Tomte stand (B12), so if you are going please come and see us.

Have a super day

Charlotte x 

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