Royal Mail Strikes, why do we even use the Royal Mail?

Royal Mail Strikes, why do we even use the Royal Mail?

Why do we use Royal Mail? 

Good question, and I think I have a pretty good answer. We use Royal Mail because we really do not want to lose our local post offices. We need our post offices, we need them for our local communities.

Local areas and communities are fantastic and a post office can be a lifesaver for some. We just lost our local post office where we live which is extremely inconvenient. I can not tell you how annoying that is, and I do not want to lose more of them.

And let me tell you that the Swedish Royal Mail "Posten" was privatised and split many years ago. Now my mum have four different post deliveries to her post box and apparently they seem to come the same days. So she now get four vans (they live on the countryside) delivering different kind of post, one company for 1st class, one for 2nd and so one... I am too confused to even work it out and no parcels to their house, she has to head to a collection point. Do we want that here and how the heck is that good for the environment. You who know me have most likely heard this phrase at least once in every conversation with "in Sweden" because everything is better in Sweden. But no, the Swedish Posten has messed up and it certainly is not better in Sweden, it kind of sucks and really expensive too.  

Today Holly Tucker also mention that Royal Mail has the lowest co2 emission of all the couriers in the UK, nope I have no idea how they work that one out, but it makes me feel a bit better. 

Then is the next issue people seem to have with Royal Mail, they are too slow! Maybe we should all just slow down. Do we really need to live in a  Amazon deliver to me NOW world? No we really do not and I think we all can just slow down a little bit. How did we just accept this "I want it NOW" culture, like we all turned in to Veruca Salt! No thank you!

So there you go, I had three reasons why we will stick with Royal Mail even if the strikes are such a pain in the behind for small businesses right now! 

Let us slow down, and let us support our local communities. So this turned into a rant, you are most welcome to ignore this post and roll your eyes! 

Have a fab Thursday, am off to my taxi duty, kids activities here and there... looking forward to a glass of wine tonight! 

Charlotte x 

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