Sagaform Nature Serving and Chopping Boards

Sagaform Nature Serving and Chopping Boards

Oh who knew you could enjoy unpacking a delivery with chopping boards... well not me! 

After ten years of unpacking deliveries to this little shop I can sadly say that sometimes it can get a bit boring to see the same deliveries but then you get something new and you get super excited! It is sometimes like Christmas, and I am not joking, you become so excited!! And these beautiful serving and chopping boards just made me so happy. I instantly dreamed away to a garden party with friends or a cosy night in with friends. I guess since we live in this new normal and seeing friends and family like we used to is not quite the same I dreamed about the big gatherings with friends. However it does not have to be a big gathering, maybe just a small one. So I think I will treat myself! And hopefully soon, very soon I will be able to invite friends around again! 

We now have three sizes in stock, both instore and online. They are made in bamboo and come with a strong and sturdy handle. The scores at the end are perfect to rest for example a knife in if this board will be used as a cheeseboard. These are also amazing for bread, veg, meat or indeed the FIKA treats. 

So if you like me dream about a garden party and like to entertain your dear ones soon why not do it in style with these lovely Swedish Sagaform Serving and Chopping Boards! 

Charlotte x

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