Spektakulär changes

Spektakulär changes

Hejsan everyone!

How are you doing? Great I hope! But what a difficult lockdown this is and I can not wait until I can pop in to a friend after school drop off for a cuppa or meet a friend for lunch in town or to see customers again. At least there are signs of positivity which I think we all really need right now.

So let me tell you some news from Spektakulär, well we have made a HUGE change to Spektakulär and that is that we have now gone online 100%. Last week we said goodbye to our little shop on Colinton Road and handed back the keys. Yes it was emotional but I have to admit it was also a huge relief. 2020 was so challenging and I really struggled to stay happy, managing staff and also making sure our customers got the service they deserved was really difficult. We tried our best but I stopped sleeping, ate too much and I just felt awful. That kind of shop experience was not at all what we are, so when the lease of the shop came to an end we decided to say goodbye, but not for good. As you might know, especially if you visited us is that we are super tiny and we have a lot of lovely designs and it became almost like Aladdin's cave at the end. So no it is not the end of Spektakulär, not at all. While we are taking a little break from the brick and mortar shop life we are now exploring the world of e-commerce and it is something new for me to learn. And in the future we hope we can reopen again, and I do dream about a little destination shop on the countryside. One day!

Online shop, well it is different that is for sure, but I kind of like it, confusing sometimes but I am adapting. So please do not forget about us as we are not on your little street anymore. We are here and we are about to focus 100% on our little online shop and I would love if you would join us throughout this journey as well as you did when we had our little shop. 

Online shopping is not the same at all so if you are struggling a little, for example you like to see the colours or get an idea about sizes and yes sometimes seeing something online and in real life is very different. So just get in touch with me and I can send you some lovely photos or video.

Reminder for you, please do sign up for our newsletter, this is where we will tell you all about the new deliveries and where we launch any promotions first. And I believe we have a little promotion coming your way during March. 

Please remember Mother's Day is coming up and I do hope you know that I do gift wrap for free. I do like to gift wrap!

And finally, I am walking all over Cancer this month, 10000 steps a day for Cancer Research so please if you can, donate. I would really appreciate it. You can follow some of my walks over on Instagram Stories. 

I wish you all a fab week and hope you are all well. 

Charlotte xx

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So very sad my favourite shop has closed, best wishes for your web shop.

Karen gee

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