Spektakulär Summer Shipping Changes

Spektakulär Summer Shipping Changes

Hej Hejsan Hallå

Summer shipping!

Heads up lovely people, we are reducing our shipping days during the summer so please make sure you take a look at the next shipping date that will be at the check out and delivery option before placing the order. But here is a little guide for you.
Tuesday 5th July - Last normal shipping day

Between 6th July and 24th July, please check the next shipping date at the shipping options when you check out

25th July - 6th August no shipping

6th August - 15th August, please check the next shipping date at the shipping options when you check out

15th August back to normal
How are you doing? So it is the day before we head home to Sweden and it is packing day. I believe we have everything, just need to pack into the suitcases and make sure we have space for all the tasty treats we will bring with us back.
The girls have shown signs of being nervous of flying. Maybe it is not really a surprise as they have not been on a flight since January 2020. I am trying my best to encourage them to think about all the amazing things we will do once we get there. I am hoping Stina will bring her camera and we can spend the summer getting lovely snapshots of Sweden for the website, Fikas, cobblestone streets with colourful wooden houses, swimming in the lake and so on. 
Clearly I am already on holiday and am thinking holiday too. But the beauty of online shopping is that is never close, I do not lock up and say good night. So yes I will be working all summer while I am home.
Shipping however will be different a I can not ship your orders while being in Sweden.
Normally I aim to pick, pack and ship within two full days of your order (sometimes I do take a weekend off, crazy I know)! But during the summer it will be slightly different as Richard is in charge and he does work full time elsewhere too. He will also spend a couple of weeks with us in Sweden so there will be no shopping between 25th July - 6th August.
Please do not stop shopping only because we have reduced our shipping days!! Sometimes the waits is really worth it!!
I am very excited about blogging this summer, but first we plan a couple of days of doing nothing, just being at home.
Stay summer cool!
Charlotte x
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