Spring cleaning, make sure you sign up

Spring cleaning, make sure you sign up


It is Spring cleaning time here at Spektakulär. We are making changes and creating new ideas for our future. It is quite fun actually to come up with new ideas to keep the online store fresh and exciting. 

When we had the physical store, we could always play around with window displays, make new cool colour combinations in the shop, create events and so much more. Anything to bring people through the doors, and that is what it is all about, to get more people in through those doors.

Believe it or not, this is more than half the battle in retail, using advertising, social media, and hiring retail experts who will tell you how to do your layout and your windows. 

If you walk into a shop, just open those doors, and come inside, well that is advertising working, but it can be blooming expensive and a lot of hard yet fun work. But it is the reward!

So I like to thank you for walking through the doors into our shop, well I am pretty sure every small shop you walk into today is thanking you for walking in. Because if nobody visits your shop you basically have no shop. 

Anyway... move along now Charlotte! Oh yes, online! How to keep an online shop fresh? Well, that is what we are working on. So I have been reading lots of books, joining groups, signed up for networking events. I have a plan but first, we need to spring-clean all the beautiful designs while we are redoing the business so I suggest you prepare yourself for something different this summer. 

NOW I will highly recommend that you sign up for our newsletters, as our newsletter subscribers always get the news first and I also give them better discounts. So if you are after beautiful Scandi designs, sign up by clicking on the link here

Please enjoy our Spring Cleaning offers and make sure you sign up for our newsletter.

In other news, I have finally settled into working five days a week in a whole new environment which has been emotionally hard. I joined a fundraising team working for a cancer charity back in January. I am so honoured to work for this charity as it makes such a difference to the people using it. And I am developing whole new skills I really enjoy, but what I have learned about myself these last few months is how extremely proud of my own business I am. This I somehow did not grasp, more taking it for granted I think. I was only 29 when I opened my very own shop while having a baby at the same time. I am so grateful for Richard who is my partner in life and in business. 

Not many people get to do their dream but I have and I still have it but in a different way now, and I think it is time to explore this new adventure! Would we like to reopen our shop, yes but not for another few years. Imagine a destination shop with a cafe! But first let us grow our online business!

Charlotte x 


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