Summer in Sweden 2023 - photo dump

Summer in Sweden 2023 - photo dump


Does everyone love a photo dump, no, just me? Well, here you go: Our summer in Sweden 2023. 

I will even do two blogs. One with what we did and ate (you always seem to like that) and one with a few reflections on what will be on trend this Autumn. 

Every summer we head to Sweden. Sadly this year we were not even lucky with the weather. One day over 20 degrees! Now that is pretty rubbish, but we were home and it is lovely to be home. I managed to read 6.5 books (the half book I skimmed through and read the end) borrowed from the local library. 

Reading library books while girls are swimming with auntie

I am as you know from a small town, surrounded by lakes with cute wooden houses and cobbled streets. Great shops and café after café. Alingsås has become the FIKA capital of Sweden. And of course, it is always good to test some of these cafes and their cakes to make sure they are alright. One café I would love to go back to on a dark and rainy Autumn evening. Sitting at that café enjoying my coffee I could picture myself with a nordic noir, a large cup of tea, apple pie, cosy jumper, and rain outside. Oh I love the cosiness of Autumn, and it is already on my mind, maybe it is because the weather has been so rubbish. Fingers crossed we will get a few days of glorious weather in August.

Rhubarb pie and vanilla cream

Anyway, we saw family, my grandmother will be 90 in three weeks so it was lovely to see her. We visited her together with my little sister. Little sister had baked the most amazing treats that our grandmother always made for us when we were young (like a year or so ago 😉), and this time she surprised grandma with them. They were accepted, phew! Chokladbiskvier, I added a recipe for you from the fab All Recipes website, I think it is roughly the same, might be a good one to test on a rainy day.

Mormor, sister and I

We had gentle gatherings at my mum, siblings turned up, and we spent an afternoon with the young cousins south of Gothenburg. We did some swimming, but I think I spent less than an hour in the water in total which is not a record at all. 

A lot of eating, a lot of silliness, a lot of family walks, shopping, and dog walks, have to admit, longer dog walks in the countryside certainly can be good to clear the mind.

Family Walks
How many is too many?
Best bubble tea in Gothenburg
Miniature golf at Tallhyddan
Walking the dogs Beautiful gentle walks
A lot of rain... but rainbows certainly are beautiful.
It is amazing how much you can fit in two weeks, yet some days we did not leave the house due to the bad weather, we just chilled and read books. We booked our next trip to Sweden for Christmas and when we did we realised the girls have never spent a Christmas in Sweden. As we had the physical shop and we were always open on Christmas Eve which is the main day for celebrations in Sweden. I am already looking forward to it, proper Swedish Christmas food!
Thanks for following all the stories on our social media channels, I hope you enjoyed it. Sweden is a very green and pretty country. Tasty food and lovely shopping, yes it was pricey, but this year the pound was strong so I felt rather rich. 1 GBP to 13.50 Swedish Krona. 
Part two is coming up soon 
Charlotte x
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