Summer in Sweden 2023 - what is on trend?

Summer in Sweden 2023 - what is on trend?


Trends are a bit of a hit-or-miss for me personally. I like to go more sustainable which is kind of against trends as I believe trends are basically a trick for you/me to buy more. But of course, it is nice to stay on trend and keep an eye on what is happening in the world of interior design.

What I do know is that fashion trends are normally a couple of seasons ahead of interior trends. So for example, the leopard print that came a few years ago started in the fashion world and as it became so popular we suddenly saw it in the interior world, leopard print cushions and notebooks anyone?

I read a few of my old interior magazines at my mum's that were from 2013, 2009, 2015 etc... I am glad some trends went as fast as they came...

The cost of living crisis is a factor this year as we see less being promoted. And what we have seen during 2023 is the smaller luxury treats and the push is more about everyday luxury, the home spa, the candles, the flowers, the stay-at-home dates etc...

Colours are finally coming back after a few years of beige but in gentle additions, like a large lamp. So a nice gentle room in neutral colours and then BAM! A large purple lamp, or a pink table, a bold blue cushion cover... you get the point.  

Japanese and Scandinavian design mixtures are still hot! And the greenery trend with houseplants is moving into our homes in a new angle by mixing different colour and types of wood furniture, which I LOVE! And believe it or not, the lovely 70s is adding its mark as well with large round and soft furniture. Rattan baskets and bamboo designs is a great combo.

Cosy and lovely


Dried flowers


I like this more neutral design trend, but I also love colours so having them mix and match is wonderful.

Overall, trends come and go. You do you! Find what you love and create your own style. A mix is good, that giant big blue box furniture mixed with grandma's old chair, mixed with that expensive branded vase you love so much. It is how you put them together that makes it unique, you can always find a flow, and everything is possible to mix together. Some more naturally than others, perhaps your furniture can be like your plants, move them around until they find a perfect spot where it is happy and thriving.

What home and interior trends do you like the most? And which trends are you happy to say goodbye to? 

I am grateful the stencilled upcycled furniture trend went quickly. Do not get me wrong, I really like upcycled (amazing from a sustainability point) and bold-coloured furniture but the hand-painted stencil on soft colours... not for me! 

I also used to love the more industrial look, chunky bookcases with metal fixtures, but I have grown out of it, so yup trends do come and go just like your taste. And that is absolutely fine. 

This Autumn, I have decided that I will add more texture to my front room, more cushions on my sofa and more wool blankets. Perfect for rainy Autumn evenings when I read more. I made a deal with myself, I have 16 books on my bedside table at the moment, and I am not allowed to add any new books to that table, the exception though is library books, until after Christmas. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you are looking forward to a cosy Autumn... I know we still have August, but right now it is Friday evening, I am sitting by my desk with a cup of herbal tea, my hoodie on and I have dug out my wool slippers. I mean, it feels pretty Autumn to me. I will try to hold out until September before the heating comes on.

Charlotte x

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