The Hattifatteners

The Hattifatteners

Say what now? Who, what?

Hattifnattar is the Swedish word for them and the one I grew up with, the word fnatt can be used as little bit bonkers such as "Har du fått fnatt? - Have you gone bonkers?" But are they silly? I don't know, what do you think?

Hattifatteners are the restless and mysterious creatures in Moominvalley. 

They are small and almost ghostlike that apparently resembles worn socks. Their motivation in life (the only motivation in life) is to keep moving toward the horizon and they are always traveling in large numbers and always in odd numbers.

They grow from little white seeds, but only if the seeds are sown on Midsummer's Eve. They are pale grey-white in colour and I would say they resemble mushrooms rather than worn socks.

They "recharge" or become charge up with electricity in lightning storms and can cause electrical burns. They communicate using telepathy and even though they can not see very well their sense of touch is very strong.

Ah the magical mind of Tove Jansson! These were first introduced in "Comet in Moominland" written in 1946.

Have you one or perhaps many favourite creatures in the world of Moominvalley. I am not sure who I love the most or the least. Moominmamma I think is very resourceful.

But I do know reading the comics and books is great for the imagination and I love the feeling of entering the Moominvalley for a few hours while enjoying the stories together with my girls.

Lovi Moomin creatures           Lovi Hattifatterna Moomin


The Amazing Lovi have a fantastic Moomin collection and I am delighted to add the pretty hattifatterners online as well. 

So October break, Moomin books and Lovi designs that you and you loved ones can assemble together (easy peasy to do so no need to worry it is too difficult).

 Charlotte x

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