Välkommen - Welcome

Välkommen - Welcome

Welcome, or as we say in Sweden, Välkommen! 

Finally we have a webshop!!

I can not believe how long it took us to take this step, well ten years as a matter of fact! Yes I have put this off this whole time. The amount of people who has told me you have to have an online shop, I have totally ignored them! I have hundreds and hundreds of excuses not to do this, but as you know we are not in a normal situation and I have run out of excuses (well could probably come up with one or two).

I like this webshop to be a bit more personal, a bit more like us. I will keep this blog going and we will also try to link in the old blog in here (no idea how, will ask my tech department, aka Richard).

Yes it is our first attempt and I am sure you will find issues, and please, if you do let us know, so we can correct them as soon as possible. Equally we love to hear from you if you like it and why you like it!

So if you have been waited for this to happen for a long time you obviously know who we are and yes this is about time! But if you just happen to stumble across this site or been sent here, well we are delighted you are here, thank you for exploring this webshop!

We are Charlotte and Richard a Swedish/British couple, with a retail, sales and design experience. In 2009 we decided to open our very own Scandi/Nordic shop here in Edinburgh. What we did not plan while open the shop was to also have a baby. But in 2010 we finally opened the doors to Spektakulär and now our oldest daughter is ten this Autumn and our second daughter turned seven during the lockdown! 

During these ten years we have built a fantastically wonderful loyal customer base, a great reputation and have become a very loved local independent shop to visit, especially at Christmas when we create a beautiful Scandi Christmas shop. 

Our main goal is to bring you an affordable, happy and colourful Scandi experience. When we open the shop we had a different approach in mind, a lot of romantic Swedish country style with beautiful fabrics and stripes. But during the years you have asked us for more fun designs and it is a true pleasure to source designs that works for everyone. Hence why the shop is jammed packed with romantic, fun, quirky, stylish, contemporary and elegant designs. We aim to create the same for our webshop, and every day we will add new designs online.

Please do make sure you follow us on our social media, especially Instagram where I often show products in our stories and you will see when new deliveries arrives. 


Charlotte x

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