Weekend treat away and getting ready to launch a new website look

Weekend treat away and getting ready to launch a new website look


When I turned 40 Richard took me for a couple of nights away and once we were away we decided that from now on that was our treat to each other. That for our birthdays we go somewhere, just the two of us. I used to think date nights was totally overrated until you realise how the two of you kind of start to forget about each other.  But I am so wrong, date nights and time away just the two of us, well it kind of reminds us a little about why we like each other. Plus being away from everyday routine, everyday dinners, everyday messy house, everyday laundry is so worth it!

Richard is Autumn and I am Summer which is good as we get a nice gap. This time it was my turn to book and wow I struggled a little to find time with the girls activities and work. But away we went, and the girls went to their auntie in Glasgow and saw the fireworks. They had a fab time as they always do when the spend time with their aunt and uncle. And Richard and I headed to the Borders to a beautiful castle hotel Cringletie.

Lovely and spacious room, comfy bed, stunning views in a beautiful setting. Wonderful staff and small treats. A classic Scottish dream! Log fires here and there, and of course as we are in Scotland there are always traditional tartan rugs, curtains or cushions. Yes you guessed it, it did not disappoint in that department but it was well executed. I would love to go back and spend more time exploring the hotel and woodland walks.

As we only had one night away we went to explore Peebles for dinner at a local pub rather than dinning at the hotel. It was very busy as it was fireworks night, but the staff at the pub managed to squeeze us in for a tasty dinner. Peebles is one of those towns we have not really explored that much. Been a few times but not for many years. However I was so impressed by the amount of small independent shops and have heard that the locals are very welcoming and supportive. And you can tell, it was a great vibe. On Sunday morning we went back and they were putting up all the Christmas lights, so if you are local to Edinburgh but like a change of scenery why not enjoy a little day trip to Peebles, do your Christmas shopping in small independent shops and enjoy a tasty lunch. We parked at a pay and display parking (there were more options for sure) and it was 20p for 4 hours... yes you read that right! 

Now we are back to the weekday life again, girls at school, I have been to the warehouse, orders are packed and I will take a lunchtime walk to the post office to drop them off. 

But this is not the only thing that is going on at the moment, we are getting ready to launch a new look. The webshop was launched during lockdown and we have not really done much to it since then. Learning a lot of new things along the way and we feel it is time to freshen it up a little. So I am sitting here checking all the designs (sadly finding so many mistakes, so about time to sort it) finding new images, updating text and also working on how to navigate the website easy and enjoyable.  

So I have added quite a few small things such as our about us section, the FAQ is new. Next is the gift section. Wow that need some work, but it is so important to get these things done right. I know that people will never shop from you unless they know who you are and if your website is not looking "well done" then they leave and never come back!

Anyway I better crack on, got a HUGE to do list and I so what to launch this new website this week!

Have a great rest of your Tuesday

Charlotte x

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