Welcome Summer and a little Spektakulär update

Welcome Summer and a little Spektakulär update

Hej, Hejsan! 

Oh so much loveliness is about to happen at Spektakulär! We are gearing up for a busy June which will include a huge Midsummer Clearance! 

We noticed that we have a lot of fantastic designs that is not even online yet so we are working hard in the background to add these online and during June we will also tidy up the webshop more so it will be easier to navigate! 

The girls have three weeks left of school, what an odd time this has been, can not believe that it is almost six months ago since we closed the door to Spektakulär, Christmas Eve was the last time we had customers in the shop. I am happy with our decision, taken time to process it but it also took away 70% stress and I am starting to appreciate all the wonderful things about being a small business owner and am missing the lovely things now rather than all the drama that went on in the background. It certainly was not easy to run the shop during Covid restrictions in the run up to Christmas and when I am stressed I pile on the weight and now finally it is starting to let go so am feeling a lot better. 

I know many of you are really missing the shop and I am so grateful for all the lovely messages I get and these are great reminders why I love my business. And we are about to add new ideas to the business, which I will reveal in a couple of weeks once it is up and running. But yes I miss the shop too.

We will end our time at the Post Office in Morningside, it is time to move on. So if you are local please do head there to stock up before I clear out the shelves. I am so so grateful for the opportunity to fill some of their shelves with Spektakulär goodies while we were forced to closed due to Winter lockdown.

Now, June is the month for Father's Day, Teacher Gifts, camping, wedding and amazing long evenings in the garden. We have had some cracking sunsets this week, proper pastel colours with pink clouds which I love and can't stop staring at. The trees are so green and the air feels amazing so June can only be a good month, plus this is the month when I turn 40 (not sure how I feel about that).

So what do you need during June? What can I tempt you with? Enamel mugs for camping, perhaps Moomin, Emil or Pippi? Wedding gifts, the stunning Juliane flower pots? Father's Day treats, well anything food and kitchen related is always a winner. Perhaps a great lifestyle and cookbook? Teacher Gifts, I bet teachers just want to sleep for a week or two as this must have been such a challenging year so maybe they like a good book too. Or nice new Moomin mug so they can enjoy their morning coffee in the garden without any stress. 

I hope you will have wonderful weekend and it looks like the weather is here to stay, I totally jinxed that now didn't I?! 

Regarding the Midsummer Clearance, well you know the deal, if you signed up to the newsletter you will get the news first.


Charlotte xx

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