WOW wooden shelves with wool brackets now back in stock!

WOW wooden shelves with wool brackets now back in stock!

Hej, Hallå, Hejsan!!

Yay! I am so delighted that these beautiful shelves are now back in-store and I have also added them online. These are the most stylish shelves I have ever seen, happy and colourful and are just perfect for a funky shelfie! 

You can choose between two sizes!

Small comes in untreated ASH wood and with four different colour brackets to choose from. Two colours, one on each side in a beautiful colour contrast! Blue/Turquoise, Olive/Lime, Pink/Purple and Red/Orange

Large, here you can choose between Oak or Beech wood and then six different colour brackets. Just click on the links and they will take you where you need to go.

Time to bring some happy colours in to your home, and obviously in a very functional and Scandi way! 

Where would you put yours?

I think by my bed for all my books I need to read (books and plants), or in the girls bedroom for some of their toys, or in the kitchen for cookbooks, or Richard's office! Oh endless rooms for these happy shelves! 

Charlotte x


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