Yummy Bread Recipe

Yummy Bread Recipe


Oh who knew you would go so crazy over a piece of loaf... well I am actually not surprised as it is one of my favourite breads and a loaf of this always end up in the first shopping basket when back home in Sweden. It is basically a syrup loaf, so it is sweet and fluffy. This morning I enjoyed it with brussels pate and pickled cucumber, just like I do when I am home. 

Ok so I used this recipe which is from a Swedish lady called Linda, and you can find the recipe here but in Swedish, so here is a translation for you. As a Swede living abroad, food is hugely important. I think anyone who are brought up in one country and then live elsewhere in the world connect certain foods with childhood memories. And if any Swede reading this, do check out Linda's blog, she is very good and have a lot of classics available.

For 2 loaf of breads this is what you need, and obviously if you only want one loaf, then half the ingredients. 

Fresh yeast might be an issue to find at the moment. I buy mine from Scandikitchen, but before Covid I used to buy it at Sainsburys bakery at Craigleith in Edinburgh. 

Also I have changed the recipe for you, I normally bake using DL, so I hope this should be ok. 

Ok can we get to the baking part now, yes we can. Ok are you ready?! 

  • 50g fresh yeast
  • 700 ml water (or milk), finger warm
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 100 g baking butter, room temperature 
  • 150 ml golden syrup
  • 470 g rye flour (we had organic white at home and it was excellent)
  • 470 g plain flour (plus some extra while kneading the dough)

Please note that the Swedish recipe says 9 dl flour but according to google that is approx.470 g.  

How to:

  1. crumble the yeast in a large bowl, pour the warm water over the yeast, mix to dissolve. 
  2. Add salt, butter, syrup and rye flour. Mix well
  3. Add the plain flour and work the dough until a nice comfy dough
  4. Let it rise under a tea towel for approx. 45 min
  5. Spit in two 
  6. Shape and put in bread tins which have been covered with baking paper
  7. If you do not have bread tins then use a normal tray and just shape in to two breads. 
  8. Let them prove again for approx. 30 min
  9. Turn on the oven at 180° 
  10. Put them in the bottom of the oven for approx. 50 min or until done. 
  11. Take them out of the tins to cool

ENJOY!! So I had it last night and again this morning, basically I would not be sad if bread and butter was the only things to eat in the world, I LOVE bread and this is a beauty. 

I found this a very easy recipe, hardly any kneading or messing around. I do not have a fancy machine and my electrical whisk broke this winter so only easy recipes please. 

Today we baked another of Linda's recipes as I had lots of lemons, we made a very tasty "citronkladdkaka". Basically my go to Swedish chocolate kind of brownie that takes me less than 30 min to make but instead of cacao power you use fresh lemons... yummy! It went down a treat! I am going to have to start running again!

Charlotte xx


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