Zone Denmark Peili Bowls and Plates

Zone Denmark Peili Bowls and Plates

Hej, hejsan, hallå!

How are you? Good I hope!
Well I am delighted to be open again. To open up the shop and to welcome customers back has been truly amazing. And I am so happy to see familiar faces who travel to see me and who comes in for a little chat. Oh you have no idea how happy it makes me to see you! So thank you!!!

And I am also delighted to see that you are starting to explore the webshop and enjoy this new way shopping from Spektakulär. Please do remember that you can shop online and collect at the shop. I am open on Wednesdays from 16.00 - 19.00 and it is free parking after 17.30 and if you like me do entertain the kids during the day it might be nice to leave the house and come for a little eye candy and chat. 

Now, I have just uploaded these amazing bowls and plates by Zone Denmark. These clever innovative sets are designed by VE2 and are a stylish and contemporary. 

Zone Denmark Peili Bowls and Plates

The bowl come with a lid but here is the super clever design, the lid is actually a plate and it can be used as a tray and the smaller size as coaster. These stack nicely and can be store great in your cupboard or fridge. These are perfect for the taco, tapas or snack night. Mix together a tasty dip in a small size bowl and crisp in a large for a film night, serve soup and use the plate for bread and cheese. Endless possibilities and they look amazing mixed with all the lovely colours. Have fun and prepare for a lovely night in the garden with friends! 

Now tell me, what would you use these for?
I am intrigued and love good ideas!
Charlotte x
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