2023 we welcome you - with or without new years resolutions!

2023 we welcome you - with or without new years resolutions!

Happy new year and hello 2023. And in a blink of an eye, we have a whole new year ahead of us. New year resolutions anyone? 

I have given up on new year's resolutions, well I did the diet, I did the gym and nope they are just not for me. But I am thinking that because it feels like a fresh start, I will try to be kinder to myself this year. And what else?

Be kinder to me
Read more, anything, just more reading
See friends more often, call people
Sleep more, earlier bed routines
Less time on social media
More time with my family

Lovisa enjoying her new Beano

Oh no, I made a list. Hmm oh well, I think these are doable, I just need to create new habits. But if I will be honest with myself, what do I really want to do in 2023?

I want us as a family to get into the habit of going outdoors more, proper walks with a picnic, and views to enjoy. Now that is a mission! But maybe we can start this year and then perhaps next year it will not be such a drag to get us out.

I read somewhere, that kind of made sense to me, I love the outdoors but my family is very reluctant to even leave the house, so instead of me losing my s**t and we leave late in the afternoon on our only day off together, with one crossed parent (me), the other parent is annoyed with the first parent and two children who think that the first parent who is making them leave the house is punishing them for something. I need to prepare them!

So maybe I just need to start a week in advance: "Family, next weekend why don't we pack a nice picnic and go for a hill walk?" And if you think about it, every day leaving the house is a struggle. Putting shoes on, lunchboxes and school bags packed, brushing hair, clean school uniforms. Work bag packed, make sure I have clean clothes, makeup, and so on. That is our routine life and yet it is still a hassle (for us it truly is). So to add the hill walk which is not part of routine life... yup I can see why it can be difficult. 

I shall work on my strategy. And maybe I can use the famous, there is a cafe at the top of the hill (sadly they never fall for it). 

Amazing chocolate cafe in Peebles

I enjoy outings, and family outings, we live in a beautiful country that has such a stunning outdoor space and fan activities on offer. And I do think we should enjoy them more. So this being kinder to myself thing. Maybe I will be kinder to myself if I prepare my family for walks. Take away the stress.

Did you set yourself a few new year's resolutions? Or perhaps a few goals? Like a new job? Money goals? Holiday goals? Oh, there are so many to think about, and I do think I have been brought up with that the new year is a way to restart and rethink. But I guess I could still restart and rethink in June as well if I wanted to. 

This week, the girls are back at school, Richard to his full-time job and I will start my new full-time job. I am thinking that Friday evening I will be asleep in the hallway after work with my shoes still on as I have not worked full time (unless you count my own business, as you always work when you are self-employed) since I moved to Edinburgh in 2008. And I never worked away full-time after having kids so it will be a huge change for us as a family. So me being kinder to myself will be a very big step toward coping with a new career.

Happy January and I hope you have something exciting to look forward to in 2023.


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Dear Charlotte,
We still miss your lovely shop and I have only just today found your website!! Anyway all I wanted to say was Good Luck with the New Job! Well done! Very dynamic. I hope you enjoy it and the family help you each day now you are working away from home (sometimes a big relief!) :) And maybe go for the walk with Jay if your family wont go out (hers not keen either) She always loves to climb a hill complete with a thermos of hot choc to drink at the top and a beautiful view. (not sure children like views.) have a lovely and enjoyable 2023. Love from Ali. (Jay’s Mum) xx

Ali O'Neale

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