Beautiful LOVI

Beautiful LOVI

Hej, Hejsan, Hallå!

How are you doing? Great I hope, I hear there is a heatwave down in England, well it is not here, it is warm and humid but wet and windy, and it is fair to say that I am not enjoying a pink fizz in the garden tonight!

Anyway let me tell you about something more fun than the British weather (even though it is a classic topic).

I like to tell you a little bit more about the fantastic LOVI, a Finnish brand that we have stocked at Spektakulär since 2014.

LOVI, founded by Anne and Mikko Paso in Finland. A origami Christmas Bauble was Anne's first design. And what is so awesome with this, well it was made in wood. And today they run the most beautiful sustainable business. Every design is made in their own factory in Northern Finland, surrounded by nature which gives them space to think and find inspiration. 

Everything is done by them in house, the design, manufacturing and sales. All products are plastic free, the packaging is plastic free and we love this brand. And what is even more amazing is that they plant trees and work together Eden Reforestation Projects and if you like to know more about how they work, why not head over to their website here and read more about how the protect the nature.

I can not pick one single design that I love more than the other as I love them all! There is perfect little wooden creature for everyone, from the Moomin fan to treats at a wedding.

Lovi Moomin

Lovi Wooden Heart cake toppers

Lovi Cat

Lovi Sea Turtles

Lovi Swallow

Lovi Elf

If you are worried that even the craft-disaster-person will not manage to assemble these as they come in a beautiful paper envelope, then do not worry, they are enjoyable and easy to assemble and there is even handy YouTube videos available. So yup a perfect gift for perhaps a rainy summers day or a nice cosy afternoon craft project with the family. 

Now why don't you head over to the webshop here and find your favourite design and please do let me know which one that is your winner!

Charlotte xx

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