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Round Trivet - Bloom

Round Trivet - Bloom

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This is a beautiful round and handmade trivet in wool.
Perfect for hot pots and pans! A lovely, happy, stylish and functional trivet that will stand out on your table. 

Size: 17x2x17 cm

Care info:

  • Hand wash or dry clean only. To remove dirt, let it dry and gentle brush it off. Do not wash in machine or natural oils of the wool will be removed. 
  • Colours are AZO free (no chemicals) and may fade in strong sunlight.
  • Do not use when wet since colours can fade onto the surface.
  • Only use clean pots on the trivet to avoid stains from the stove.
  • Wool is not flammable, but can burn. Therefore we recommend to only use up to 250 degrees.

Please note all Aveva wool products are handmade, so the colour and size may vary.

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