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Kay Bojesen Classic Wooden Monkey - Mini

Kay Bojesen Classic Wooden Monkey - Mini

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Adorable new size of the classic wooded Money by Kay Bojesen.

This is latest member of the monkey family, it is only 10 cm tall (fits nicely in my palm), but has just as much charisma as its more fully grown siblings. It is a perfect addition to the family or perhaps on its own. 

Kay Bojesen's original thought with the Monkey was to provide his children with an amusing coat hook! Since 1951, this teak and limba monkey has graced the covers of trend magazines and rested in countless book shelves for the pleasure and amusement of thousands. A true Danish design icon with tons of charisma!

Kay Bojesen graduated as a silversmith in 1910. In the 1930s he explored his passion for wood, creating animals that matched his belief that a product should be "round, soft and feel good in your hand".

This monkey is handcrafted in Denmark in teak and limba wood. It is treated in natural oil which will age over time, exposure to the light and the air may change the subtle shades of the teak to a more consistent, warm golden brown tone. 

This iconic Monkey consists of 31 pieces and its expression and “personality” develop by age and you will get your very own unique Monkey to enjoy generation after generation.

Size: 10 cm

On the box it says "This product is a historical toy reproduction appropriate for collectors over the age of 14". However I know for a fact that this is often a go to gift for a new born. Perhaps not to play with! It is also a well known graduation and wedding gift.

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